A Quick "Thank You" from Dennis

Congratulations to Laura Friedman, Ardy Kassakhian and to all of my opponents in the AD 43 Primary. All of you treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy. I thank you.

As I had stated many times in the past, winning was my goal, but the ideas were--and still are--the point. Though my candidacy has ended, the ideas, I am confident, will live on. We started this campaign at a severe disadvantage. We had virtually no political connections and very little money. But, with t...he help of many, the ideas gained at least some traction.

I want to thank my wife, family, friends, Providence High School, and current and former students--all of whom donated their time, their efforts and immense talents, and their hard earned money to this campaign. Running for office as an outsider is impossible without such support. I'm afraid if I start naming names, I will forget a lot of people. You know who you are. THANK YOU!

If this endeavor confirmed anything for me, it is that running for political office is about purpose, not identity. It is not about you, it is about what you will strive to do if given the honor of serving. That might sound overly idealistic, but I continue to believe it fervently.

There is much about our political system that is off-putting, but there will never be any perfect system; human nature itself is imperfect. All we can do is conduct ourselves with the dignity we possess, and work together through the process we have. Elections are by design producers of a few winners and many who don't make it. Elections ARE a zero-sum game.

But our political system is designed to produce progress through principled compromise. Here is hoping we achieve more of that in the future. Politics itself is NOT a zero-sum game.

See you all soon, I am sure!!!



I, Dennis R. Bullock, humbly ask for your support and your vote as I run to win the 43rd California State Assembly District seat. I was born and raised in this community, and have called this place home for nearly all of my life. I know it well. We live in the greatest part of the greatest state in the union. I would be honored to represent you in our state government.

Who is Dennis R. Bullock?

I was born at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank on Mother’s Day, 1970 and spent my first 18-plus years growing up in Silver Lake and Atwater Village. I attended kindergarten at Ivanhoe Elementary, grade school at St. Casimir (now Holy Trinity) in Los Feliz, and Providence High School in Burbank. I am a proud graduate of the University of Southern California, earning BAs with honors in both Political Science and Communication, and of Claremont Graduate University, where I earned a Master’s in Politics.

I have been married to my wonderful wife, Mary (a UCLA grad who helped put me through USC—now that’s dedication!), for over 16 years and we have two beautiful children—Bella is 12, and Henry is seven. Both attend public school in Burbank.

I have practical, real world experience. I’ve worked hard to provide for my family—at AT&T right out of high school for five years, at Airtouch Cellular (now Verizon) for three, and at USC as a PA announcer for the athletic department (2001-2007). Most recently, I have spent the last nearly 12 years teaching and serving as Dean of Students at my alma mater, Providence High School—right next door to the hospital in which I was born. I have a wonderful life.

Why am I Running?

The 43rd District is my home. I care about it, and want to make sure it remains an ideal place in which my children can grow up, be educated and live—now and far into the future. I have ideas—good, innovative and thought-provoking ideas that I believe, if implemented, will make our state and our district even better. Who better to champion these ideas than me? What better time to champion them than now?

Our community is a dynamic and robust place to live and work. At the core of this district’s many strengths is its diversity—a source of unmatched strength and potential. Some 140 different languages are spoken in Los Angeles County—the most in the world. People of nearly every creed, color and nationality live here. The 43rd District’s population is representative of this diversity with a multitude of nationalities, religions and groups living together in ways that are an example to the world. Our community has accomplished much: life here is vibrant, the economy is strong—we are the entertainment hub of the world—and our collective values shine like a beacon to communities everywhere.

My own family reflects this diversity. I am at least a fifth generation Californian and a direct descendant of Joseph (known when he arrived as José) Mascarel, a French émigré who arrived in 1844 and made his life in Los Angeles, eventually becoming mayor from 1864 to 1865. My wife is Armenian-American. Her parents emigrated in the mid- and late 1960s from Bulgaria via Lebanon under the auspices of the ANCHA (American National Committee for Homeless Armenians). Mary’s parents spoke no English when they arrived. Through hard work and determination, they made a successful and prosperous life in this community.

I was, and remain, amazed at their story. Indeed, as a tribute to my wife and her parents who I admire greatly, I wrote my political science honors thesis in 2002/2003 on the history and need for a common acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide.

Download thesis here

The 43rd District is all about diversity, opportunity and solid values. We live in an ideal spot on this planet. And, yet, there is potential to accomplish even more and to make this community even better going forward. As a life-long member of this community who has practical, real world experience, I believe I am positioned well to serve effectively.

How Will I Campaign and Serve?

As a state legislator, I will have to take positions on statewide issues. On this site, I seek to make clear my stances on five overarching policy subjects, and I also offer a few, detailed policy prescriptions. My statewide policy platform focuses upon our state's most fundamental needs: I call it Water and the Four Big "E"sWater, Economic Policy, Education, Energy and the Environment. But, I also weigh-in on minimum wage implementation, healthcare, housing and more.

I am running for this office not because of what I want to "be," but because I believe there are certain things we, as a state, should do. Winning is my goal, but ideas are the point of this campaign.

With regard to the 43rd District itself, I know this area well, and I am well aware of many of the issues we face together. But, I also realize that my perspective may not be the same as your perspective; my experience is not always the same as my neighbor’s experience; my situation may not always reflect yours.

Therefore, in the coming months, as I run for the opportunity to represent you, I intend to reach out to you, your group or organization to learn what issues are most urgent to address—both in the short term and long term. If I am lucky enough to be chosen to represent you, I want to be sure that I address your concerns through my legislative efforts.

Together, we can make this great community even greater, and our great state even better. Now is the time to run; now is the time to present and implement these ideas. I would be honored to have your support and your vote.


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